What is Reiki?

Reiki is a 5,000 year old practice that allows each of us to go within and become our own healer and over time, help support the healing of others.  Reiki is a sacred art of the laying on of hands by allowing creative life energy to flow through us – energy that is essential to all living things to support healing of the mind, body and spirit.  By turning on Reiki, we feel profound relaxation, feelings of peace, security, and overall well-being.  Reiki’s ability to relieve suffering and promote healing – regardless of the cause – is unlimited.

In traditional Reiki, we receive 5 attunements – for 5 of our 7 chakras, or energy centers in the body.  Each attunement corresponds to a different frequency, vibration or energy signature, which – like a musical note – attunes us to different sensations which we can use for our own healing.  Traditional Reiki is a formal system of healing, which involves putting the hands on precise points of the body in a specific order.

What is Tanran Reiki?

Tanran Reiki shares its origin with all the other Reiki lineages so it connects with the same energy. There are some significant differences, however. Tanran Reiki acknowledges that love is an energy and can heal anything inside a person, given enough time, receptiveness, and willingness to change. Rather than remaining static with a more organized system, Tanran Reiki embraces change readily, and holds that Reiki energy itself will direct and change the system as needed in the same way that it directs the healing flow of energy during a Reiki session. The only constant in life is change; Tanran Reiki is the same.

In Tanran Reiki, less emphasis is placed on where to put your hands than some other systems. Traditional Reiki, for example, uses very precise maps of chakras and meridians in the energy body. Practitioners use specific sequences of hand and finger placements to accomplish specific goals. The Tanran Reiki system teaches the practitioner to feel where the energy needs to go and therefore where to put their hands, rather than to follow some pre-arranged order of steps on the body.

More significantly, in Traditional Reiki, practitioners receive 5 attunements for 5 of the chakras, or energy centers of the body. With Tanran Reiki, we receive 7 attunements – one for each chakra in the body. As we receive each attunement, we connect deeply to the healing potential of each chakra, so that by the end of the class, we have re-tuned and transformed every aspect of our being.

The first additional attunement is Tanran – the sacred attunement from which Tanran Reiki derives its name. This attunement is the healing for our heart – the space of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. For those of us who may never have felt pure unconditional love before, this attunement alone changes our lives. Once we receive this attunement, our hands are “turned on” and we can give ourselves and others true, unconditional love at any moment of the day for the rest of our lives.

The second additional symbol is Zee Ga Nah, which clears, heals and transforms the throat chakra – our center for speech and communication. It also helps remove energy from your field and your body – clearing and cleaning you of energy which doesn’t serve you. It can be used for any pattern or habit you have, and for clearing your environment or a room.

Life is constant change and evolution. By allowing the flow of all that is to move through you, you are connecting directly to the heavens and to Earth. And when you are connected to the flow, healing is inevitable. Resistance is what makes people sick – emotionally, physically and spiritually. All healing requires an ability to go with the flow – to allow the flow to run through you.